I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you.

What is Ho’oponopono?

Ho’oponopono means “to make right.” An ancient Hawaiian practice for healing and spiritual development.

It works with the 3 levels of consciousness within you to allow freedom from the past and to connect you back to your original essence of joy, love and freedom.

It is one of the few healing techniques to focus on the subconscious or inner child as a means to release traumas, triggers and patterns.

The Hawaiians believe the inner child carries all of your mana or life force. If this life force is blocked, all healing and self-development that doesn’t focus on healing the subconscious will not provide long-lasting or significant change.

Ho’ponopono provides the tools for you to self-heal and embrace freedom from the deepest layers, creating a working relationship with the divine and yourself.

The biggest vibration you emit is from your emotional body which is held in the subconscious. So if you’re wondering why things like the law of attraction are not working for you, this is why. It is your unconscious patterns running your life and keeping you on repeat, in anxiety, in pain.

Ho’oponopono allows complete freedom from the past. You take responsibility for your patterns and triggers and your own healing and move from a victim mentality to empowerment.

If you create it, you can uncreate it.
We were not born to live in pain.

Free yourself with Ho’oponopono and live the joy you were meant to live.

Learn the tools to self-heal.

Instant results with Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono (SITH®)


Trauma & Abuse Recovery


Death, Loss & Grief


Anxiety, Depression & Substance Abuse


Conflict resolution & healing relationships




Accessing your full potential


Freedom from the past

One-on-One Healing Sessions

Get a one-on-one individualised healing session with Candice (±60 mins).

You will be guided through a full Ho’oponopono Ceremonial release as well as being provided with other techniques, daily exercises & knowledge tailored to you. Most clients experience an immediate shift of energy and immense healing of the heart.

You will be provided with tools to continue your healing journey, transforming from a victim to empowerment and total freedom from the past.

Meet Candice,

Your Ho’oponopono Practitioner

My spiritual journey began as it does with most people, through massive trauma 15 years ago.

The journey has not been easy but the wisdom I have gained has allowed me to help many other people and it has all led me to this incredible discovery of Ho’oponopono and it’s undeniable magic.

I experienced many traumatic events during the last few years – near death, surgeries, heartbreaks, narcissists, having my music stolen (I’m also an artist) and going broke. I explored many alternative healing therapies. All of which, provided massive relief, growth and understanding. But it wasn’t until my diagnosis with Lymes disease that things got real.

“I had the most beautiful experience last night with Candice… after having done this workshop a year ago I thought I was doing reasonably well, little knowing that not even 15 minutes into Light Up Ho’oponopono Healing all my walls, barriers and trauma was opened up again.

It was like waking up all over again.

I feel relieved, free, lighter, less burdened and I have complete trust in the universe again.

Candice has changed everything for me, I highly recommend and encourage anyone and everyone to do a workshop with her…
it’s life-changing.

I feel like I have a reason going forward again.

Thank you for your shining light! I’m forever grateful.”

– Andrea, South Africa

“I couldn’t recommend Candy and this method enough.

Candy is one of the kindest and most caring people I know and when she walks you through the session you feel completely at ease and always reassured.

I’d heard a lot about the ‘inner child’ before but Candy really helped me to understand its meaning and show me what mine was saying and this method really helps you to let go of certain things.

If you would like to heal then I definitely think Candy should be your first choice. You will be so happy.”

– Elizabeth, UK

“I started sessions with Candice this year after discovering multiple suppressed traumas that had me at breaking point.

After sessions with a therapist and trying other methods of healing, I noticed that the underlying hurt was still present.

It wasn’t until my work with Candice that I saw my life completely transform. I felt relief instantly after one session. This woman works miracles.

Ho’oponopono is something everyone and anyone can and will benefit from. It actually works and it works rapidly!!! I wish I booked a session with Candice sooner.

Candice gave me the tools to continue clearing trauma and triggers that come up along with other things tailored to me.
She is super friendly and kind – I felt very comfortable throughout our sessions.

I cannot recommend her enough!! I have never felt this free or happy before in my life. I never thought I’d feel this good again.”

– Sam, Australia

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